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How To Prepare For My Eyebrow Appointment

How to prepare for your Nano Brow appointment:

30 Days Prior Prep:

1 ) Please discontinue to use of any products containing Retinol on the forehead and eyebrow area.

2 ) Use a very good moisturizer leading up to your appointment date because moisturized skin is the key to good healed results. We recommend using Kiehl"s Ulta Facial Cream.

3 ) Please discontinue the use of blood thinners before your appointment. This includes ibuprofen and or fish oils. (unless medications are prescribed by a doctor)

4 ) Make sure you'll be able to be out of the sun for the next 14 days after your appointment.

5 ) Refrain from getting botox or filler in the forehead area within 1 month prior to your appointment.

6 ) If you have a history of keloid scaring please contact us immediately.

7 ) If you have a previous tattoo please contact us immediately.

8 ) Refrain from waxing, threading or plucking your eyebrows.

9 ) Refrain from tanning before your appointment.

Please complete the Intake form located in your emails.

Things to keep in mind before for your appointment:

  • Please be prepared that a New Set can take up to 4 hours which includes a consultation, eyebrow shaping, and tattooing.

  • We provide numbing throughout the appointment for our clients to feel comfortable during the procedure.

  • If you are very nervous about pain, you may purchase Emla Topical Numbing Cream at your local pharmacy.

  • Apply the Emla cream generously onto the eyebrow area and let the cream sit on top of the skin. Do not rub the cream on the skin. Wrap your eyebrows with a thin layer of saran wrap for 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment. The wrap will create heat to activate the numbing cream.

  •  Eat a snack before your appointment

  • You will not be able to exercise or get your brows wet for one week. It is recommended to come with washed hair and schedule any gym classes before your appointment.

  • Your brows will look dark and intense the first couple of days. Schedule any important meetings after 3 days.

  • Consult with your technician about the shape and color you desire and bring photos as references

  • Be prepared to have a very honest consultation about your skin type, skin conditions, and any previous permanent makeup that you have had.

You may NOT be a candidate for tattooing if you answer YES to any of the following:

Within the last 30 days:

- Radiotherapy

- Chemotherapy

- Laser eye surgery

- Facelifts

- Pregnant or breastfeeding

- Taking Accutane medication

- Laser or Saline tattoo removal

- Undergone a major surgery

- Undergone an intensive skin resurfacing facial

- If you have a DARK previous tattoo

By following these tips, you can ensure that your skin is in the best condition possible for your Nano Brow appointment, which can result in a more successful and longer-lasting outcome.

Brows Styles We Offer

Nano Brows

A very natural hair stroke look. Great for clients who do not fill in their brows on regular basis. Suitable for all skin types but heals the best on normal/dry skin. Not suitable for very oily skin clients. Not recommended for covering up old microblading.

Combo Brows

This style is great for clients who prefer a makeup look with clean edges and soft nano strokes at the front of the brows. Suitable for all skin types. Heals the best for oily skin. Best option for covering up old microblading.

Ombre Brows

Fully shaded in brows that gradient from light to dark. Perfect solution for coverup tattoos. Great for those who love the look of perfect brows and already have a good amount of brow hairs. Suitable for all skin types and is the best option for oily skin and cover up tattoos.

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