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Why Eyebrow Pigment Changes Colors

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is a form of tattooing that is different from traditional body tattoos. Unlike body tattoos, permanent makeup pigments are implanted at a shallow depth in the skin. As the skin naturally resurfaces every 28 days, the color of the permanent makeup will gradually fade over time.

On average, permanent makeup begins to fade after two to three years. This is because the color brown, which is commonly used in permanent makeup, is not a true color, but rather a mixture of the primary colors red, blue, and yellow. As the pigments naturally fade and the skin resurfaces, the color of the tattoo may change and appear more blue, gray, purple, red, or orange. The formulation of the pigments and the natural fading process of the skin plays a crucial role in the color change of permanent makeup.

Here is a list of reasons why colors can change:

  1. Poor pigment choice or quality – the importance of understanding each client's undertones plays a HUGE role in choosing the right color. As experienced artists, we have the proper knowledge to recommend a color that will complement your skin, and not turn in any funky colors over time. You can trust that we use the highest grade of pigments on the market today.

  2. Over sun exposure – frequent sun exposure causes ink to fade. This means to protect your investment you must wear sunscreen on your Nano Brows daily to prevent color shifting.

  3. Daily use of retinol – permanent makeup is implanted only at the bottom of the epidermis layer of the skin which is the first layer of the skin. This means daily dosages of products with retinol can cause the ink to fade resulting color changes.

  4. Not maintaining touchups - Permanent makeup is low maintenance but not no maintenance. Tattoos require a refresh/ touchup to maintain the true color of the brows, lips or liner. It is best to schedule an appointment at 12-24 months to maintain the original shape and color of the tattoo.

  5. Pigment heals beneath the skin - The color of a tattoo can appear differently when it is first applied compared to when it has fully healed. This is because the tattoo is an open wound and the skin is in the process of healing and regenerating itself. As the skin heals, the tattoo ink will be pushed deeper into the skin and the color may appear less vibrant or different than it did when it was first applied.

What do I do if my brows change colors?

If you notice that your permanent makeup has changed colors, it is important to reach out to your technician for a color correction or color refresher service. A color correction service can be used to change the color of your Nano Brows from gray to brown by tattooing a correct color over the unwanted color. This process is similar to getting a toner service at a hair salon, where the toner is used to change the brassy blonde color back to a cool-toned blonde color. With a color corrector service, we can neutralize gray, red, or orange brows and bring them back to a natural-looking brown.

Contact us for an appointment.

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