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Inner Beauty

We believe beauty is more than skin deep. There is nothing more beautiful than a happy and vibrant soul. Embrace the power that lives within you with these services designed to ground and align your energy centers.

The following healing services can be added on to any appointment. We may recommend them during your consultation if we feel they will benefit you that day.

Crystal Therapy

For grounding and realignment, we will place crystals on each of your chakras centers. We take care to cleanse our crystals in between guests. This form of healing can be intertwined with Reiki and sound healing therapies. 

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is the art of channeling energy or "prana" into the body through means of touch. Reiki activates the bodies natural healing processes and helps to alleviate energy blockages. Our licensed Reiki practitioners will place their hands on or above chakra centers on the body to relieve stress and promote emotional well-being.

Sound Healing

The vibration of sound is a powerful healer. Tapping into the physical and spiritual body, our sound healing Binaural Beats leave you feeling uplifted and renewed.

Using high-quality headphones, two sound frequencies are sent from either ear, allowing your brain to gradually fall into synchronicity with the difference. This activates different regions of your brain depending on the frequency chosen. Relieve stress and tension, become intently focused, or become grounded with a sound healing session today.

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Reiki Treatment
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